Kayden Stephenson, known professionally as Kaydxn, is a contemporary RnB artist from Tulsa, OK.

Kaydxn is a remarkable force in the RnB music scene, taking classic American Idol contestants to new heights with his sound. As an Oklahoma native, Kaydxn was introduced to audiences through his time on Season 12 of American Idol. His stellar covers quickly caught the attention of Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, and he’s been dedicated to perfecting his craft in the studio ever since.

Kaydxn is based out of Los Angeles and has been releasing a single a month as he works up to announcing his debut album. By teaming up with the talented up and coming producer Moz Likly, and the Grammy award-winning, RIAA certified multi-platinum producer/songwriter/engineer Lab Ox on ‘Taste’, he captured significant attention and received high praise. He is excitedly looking forward to sharing more of his unique sound with R&B enthusiasts across the globe.

As an artist, Kaydxn is focused on bringing authentic emotion to every song he creates. His passion for RnB and energy in the studio have helped him build a dedicated fan base who appreciate his brilliant sonic creativity. Whether it’s through social media or live performances, Kaydxn always aims to inspire others by giving them something truly special in each song.

Kaydxn is an artist who defies all expectations, and he’s doing impressive work in the RnB genre. With his passion for music and vision for what RnB can be, he’s quickly become one of the most exciting artists to watch. As Kaydxn continues to put out more music, he’s sure to make an even bigger mark on the music world.

He’s already achieved a great deal, and Kaydxn is well on his way to becoming an RnB superstar. There’s no telling what heights he will reach as he continues working hard in the studio and sharing his signature sound with audiences everywhere. Kaydxn is one of RnB’s brightest stars, and it’s only up from here.